Free, fun games to help you learn to code using cute characters

Try some games with your friends or classmates, or click to one of many free online game engines.

Let’s Start Coding

Play Coding Games

These online games are easy and free. You can move and control your own characters and actions!

Play Games on Paper

Grab your friends or classmates and check out these cool games that will teach you the basics of programming.

Workshop Training

A learning session where kids can learn computer programming in an easy and fun environment

Why should I learn about this?

Greater demand of digital professions in the future labor market…

Technology is everywhere now. In response to this, every organization in all sectors every are required to change the way they run their business in which will need to heavily rely on technology such as embedded in their operations and/or even transform to a digital organizations. As a consequence, future workforce, and perhaps, anyone, will be required to obtain essential skills for digital era or coding in particular. Attaining technology related skills and knowledge might be a ticket for our future career and professional opportunities.

“I had no idea how to code, and after my workshop at school, I started learning on my own and I just made my own app! “

Pa, age 11