About Us

As we enter into a global society, the tool that aids us in doing so is technology. Therefore, it becomes fair to say that the world is entering the digital economy. As technology becomes an ever-evolving, ever-present force in our lives, so does our need to shape the technologies we’re using. Skills such as coding, essentially the language of computers, become a necessary language. Digital professions are playing an important role in driving the global economy, and consequently, will be in great demand in the future labour market. Furthermore, computer engineers who directly study programming, will be significant players in determining the direction of civilisation through the creation of technology and innovation. Digital literacy for the young generation is thus tremendously vital.


CDG Group recognizes the importance of education and digital literacy. We want Thai students, and people involved in the education sector to be excited by the prospect of developing these skills, and the power of learning to code – to get them ready for the digital era that is quickly approaching. CDG Group initially launched the Code Their Dreams project as a workshop which provides students with basic computer programming knowledge through fun and creative activities. Beginning with students in elementary schools nearby CDG headquarters, we plan for Code Their Dreams to continuously expand to a larger number of schools.

Why did we found this organization?

  • Thailand lags in computer literacy
  • We want to see a healthy digital economy
  • We believe it’s better to start young!

Our Objectives


To build coding skills awareness among young people and inspire them to learn coding, as well as to encourage their teachers, parents and relatives to support children’s interest to learn and develop their coding skills


To provide basic knowledge about coding and the principles of computing


To campaign for continued accessibility for young people to receive coding skills training with assistance of their teachers and parents, and with facilities support of CDG as the center of knowledge, tools and software needed for the training

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