You can help local schoolchildren learn the basics of a great career!

Everyone can contribute to the students to raise awareness of Coding
by free instructional media consist Scratch program and more programs for teachers or parents

Spread the Love of Code

Get Materials

Downloadable lesson plans and guides for teachers to follow in the classroom.

Host A Workshop

Our trainers and professionals can come to your school to host a 3-4 hour workshop with grades 5 and 6. Just fill in a quick form to apply for a free workshop for your Bangkok school!

Workshop Training

A learning session where kids can learn computer programming in an easy and fun environment.

Why is coding a critical skill?

Coding teaches skills that benefit everyone…

Learning more about computing increases understanding of technology in general. However, as international languages coding enables international collaboration, facilitates innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, it helps increase decision making capability that derives from problem solving, logic and organizational skills.

” Several studies, by institutions such as MIT and Harvard, have found coding improves problem solving skills”

Prow, CDG