You don’t need to be a programmer to give kids a headstart for a great career

Code Their Dreams wants to inspire Thai children to understand programming languages, as well as, spark the interest in practicing basic programming language skills that are known as Coding. Finally, we have promoted ideas that allow children to be a part of creating new innovations along with further development of innovations in our country.
CDG Group initially launched the Code Their Dreams project as a workshop which provides students with basic computer programming knowledge through fun and creative activities. Beginning with students in elementary schools nearby CDG headquarters, we plan for Code Their Dreams to continuously expand to a larger number of schools.

Get Materials

Training Materials

Downloadable lesson plans and guides for teachers to follow in the classroom.

Play Games on Paper

Grab your friends or classmates and check out these cool games that will teach you the basics of programming.

Play Coding Games

These online games are easy and free. You can move and control your own characters and actions!

Teachers Starter Kit

cdg group ผู้ริเริ่มโครงการ Code Their Dreams เพื่อให้ความรู้ด้านการเขียนโปรแกรมคอมพิวเตอร์เบื้องต้น

Teachers can use these materials to conduct the workshop and fun activities that aim to get kids interested in coding and enhance their computer skills.


  1. Drawing game
  2. The cups game
  3. Offline Scratch
  4. Instructions for 3 games

Coding Benefits

Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes a Global Competitiveness Report, ranking countries based on their “Global Competitiveness Index”

Measured through factors which are categorised into 12 key pillars


Thailand: “efficiency-driven economy”

All ASEAN countries with the exception of Thailand have improved their rankings since 2007

Coding initiative could improve education and technological readiness, fostering innovation and thus helping Thailand move towards becoming an innovation-driven country

” After only 1 day of coding, I had the tools I needed to host 3 workshops in my school.

The kids loveit! “

Teacher Pear