What is a Workshop?

We provide 2 types of  activities  that students, parents or volunteers can join  and help kids  learn the basics of coding which consist of

Workshop Format


Icebreaking activities (30 minutes)

Short games

Activities to sort children into groups


Conduct Activities

Stall 1: Scratch

Stall 2: Cups

Stall 3: Drawing

Workshop Requirements






Please contact CDG for material box.

Host A Workshop (Code Their Dreams Workshop)

Our Code Their Dreams workshops are conducted over a three-hour period, during which a range of fun activities will be conducted that aim to get kids inspire and interested in coding, help them understand what it is and its fundamental uses, and enhance their computer skills!

Train the Trainer

Our workshops aim to provide people with the necessary information they need to get them interested in coding, and teach them some fundamental skills.

Workshop Training

If you are interested in Workshop Training for your kids. Let’s join our  workshop training which they will learn computer programming in an easy and fun environment with Scratch and Python.